Pet insurance for dogs

Health insurance, both for humans and animals, is considered a very serious matter. Accidents or illnesses can happen at any time, and we’d better be prepared.

If you are a dog owner, your dog is probably very dear to you. Dogs are our best friends as they give us their unconditional love and eternal loyalty; they make us laugh, reduce stress levels, and in general, bring a lot of joy into our lives. With pet insurance for dogs, we can make sure that they will get the best treatment.

The best for our dogs

We all want what is best for our furry four-legged friends. Whether it means that we get them the healthiest food available, buy their favorite snacks and toys to play with, or choose carefully their veterinarian that has to be close to perfect for us to trust him.

pet insurance for dogs

Why don’t they talk?

One of the most challenging situations for each dog owner is when the dog shows signs that he feels unwell. It’s frustrating since a dog can’t speak in human language to tell us what is wrong, and we can’t understand what bothers him. That’s why we may start to worry or panic when our dog starts to complain, shows signs of pain, or just not as energetic as usual. In our anxiety, we may call a veterinarian and figure out what to do. Or we tend to dash to the nearest clinic to make sure that our dog doesn’t have anything serious.

Pet insurance for my dog?

Many dog owners are not sure if they really would benefit from pet insurance for dogs.

It’s understandable, of course. You already have to spend money on a veterinarian and annual treatments for your dog; you only buy what is best for your little friend, or maybe your dog is young, and you don’t really see the importance of insurance.

Is it worth it?

In the end, you have to be honest with yourself. Does your dog get sick frequently? Does he have a chronic disease? Any allergies or other reasons that require unusual treatment? If your answer to at least one of these questions is yes, then you really should consider the benefits of having insurance for your dog.

And if your dog is usually healthy with no particular issues? Well, that’s great, of course, right now. But life is unpredictable. Just like unexpected health issues or accidents may happen in human life, the same goes for dogs. As well, when you take out insurance when he’s young and healthy, you will still be eligible for full coverage when a problem appears later. In contrast, most insurance companies won’t take on the risk if he were sick before the coverage. Of course, it varies from company to company.

Types of insurance

The type of insurance that you may need for your dog changes depending on his condition.

Suppose your dog has a chronic illness such as diabetes, allergies, or life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. In that case, the insurance company will usually offer you a different plan than if your dog is healthy most of the time. There is also insurance for possible accidents such as car collisions, or if another dog bites your furry friend, or any other event that can cause an injury.

It would be best to ask a representative from the insurance company you are talking to about their exact terms and conditions. Present them with your dog’s situation in an accurate way. That way, they will offer you a plan that will suit you and your dog’s needs. Also, the size and the breed of your dog can be considered when the company offers you a plan.

Common insurance plans

Some companies will offer you alternative coverage. Utilizing an entire plan, you will get part of veterinary expenses if your dog gets sick or hurt, hereditary conditions such as hip dysplasia and eye dysplasia and eye disorders, and alternative therapies, like hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and stem cell treatments. It may also include behavioral conditions including pulling, destructive chewing, and excessive barking.

Or, you can arrange a smaller insurance plan that will cover accidents and help you manage your expenses if your dog gets injured.

Some companies will offer you more options depending on your and your dog’s needs. Be sure to check all the clauses, because some companies don’t cover pre-existing conditions, breeding conditions, diet, vitamin expenses, and more. You have to check every company’s specified terms.

What do I get from the insurance?

It may vary from company to company, but mostly you can get an 80% refund of the money you have spent on your dog’s treatment at a veterinary clinic. Whether your dog was bitten or went through surgery, whether you had to do some extra medical exams such as ultrasound, many companies will pay you back the agreed proportion of what you’ve spent.

You have to check the company’s requirements for the refund. Most of them will ask you first to take your dog to a veterinarian and then send them your claim with the receipt of your payment. You will then receive the refund, usually within a couple of weeks. Many companies can restrict you to a specific limit of the money they give back during a year of the insurance and define their individual claim limit. You have to ask them about that.

What is the cost of pet insurance for dogs?

The cost depends on your dog’s age, breed, and may also depend on your dog’s gender. Some companies may give you a discount if you take an annual plan or a discount based on the fact you have few pets. Also, if your dog is spayed or neutered, it saves you some insurance costs because it prevents different health issues. On average, an annual insurance plan fee will be around $290, but it can be more, again depending on your dog’s conditions mentioned here before.

Some highly rated pet insurance companies

There are many companies out there to choose from. It’s up to you to pick the one that gives you the best value for its price, and that feels reliable to you. Amongst the features to consider when making your choice are:

Some companies are top-rated by significant publications such as the LA Times or Seattle Times.

There are companies that offer an annual deductible option and unlimited lifetime benefits with no claim caps.

Some companies sell coverage from $10-$20 a month with flexible reimbursement, live chats with veterinary experts via mobile apps, and donate a portion of proceeds to pet-centric charities.

Companies can choose to protect all ages and breeds or to have limits and terms on these things. They can have a 24/7 service or be closed after a specified hour.

Companies may also shape the insurance plan according to your needs. It depends on company policy. You have to check all the information with each company since the details that are presented here can change with time, location, company. The same goes for if you need pet insurance for a cat. You always have to check the information when you talk to the company.

Final thoughts

Some companies offer even more than 80% refund for the veterinarian expenses, whereas others offer less. Most companies have a few different plans to make sure they can offer you something that fits your particular needs and budget. There are accident coverages, illness and health conditions coverages, wellness, and behavioral issues coverages, and more.

Usually, the companies don’t cover the regular treatments for your dog, such as routine vaccinations and parasite treatments, but it’s always worth checking that.

Whether your beloved friend is mostly healthy or he faces a health problem, you should consider protecting him and yourself with pet insurance for dogs that will bring you peace and certainty in our uncertain world.

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