Pennsylvania Esthetician Insurance

Now is a good time for you to check your estheticians’ insurance cover in Pennsylvania.

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Take a few minutes to make sure that any gaps or lapses are corrected, given that the likely demand for the services of Estheticians will continue to expand in Pennsylvania.

It’s essential to have the right insurance in place in advance to protect you against any and all possible risks.

The essential insurance covers that all businesses in Pennsylvania should be securing are:

To protect against claims by third parties that some loss, injury or damage was caused as a result of your business activity see Public Liability

To protect against claims that the professional service you provided was inadequate see Professional Liability

To protect your investment in tangible assets such as commercial buildings, equipment, inventory, vehicles see Commercial, Equipment, Inventory, Vehicle.

Esthetician Insurance in Pennsylvania

How to pick the right policy for estheticians insurance in Pennsylvania

Aesthetics insurance is becoming quite specialized, and it’s a great idea to gather information and assistance from every source before you make your decisions.

Small Business General Liability Protection:
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Of course, there is a wealth of information out on the general internet, so if that’s your preferred way, a search for the types of insurance we mentioned above will quickly collect many service providers in nearby locales in Pennsylvania.

Naturally, getting this assistance from people who already have the knowledge and skills makes the task simpler, so finding the right insurance agent or broker in Pennsylvania takes you one easy step closer.

Some of the things to consider in selecting the company or individual are to know the difference between independent agents/brokers and company agents.

The basic difference is that a broker or agent may be a small business that represents a number of different insurance companies, whereas company agents represent Pennsylvania insurance companies and are employees of their company, only selling products from that company.

By taking the time to ask for referrals from your fellow estheticians in PA or friends and family, you will get a head start in the selection, since having someone nearby could be important for you.

Always try if possible to visit their internet home pages to read more about them.

If they have any recognized credentials, it’s a big plus. Finally, talk directly to the agent so that there is a clear understanding of what you need and what they can provide.

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Make sure that all of your policies are issued by companies that comply with the state  regulations – there is a guide issued by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for Pennsylvania

Public Liability insurance for aestheticians in Pennsylvania

Public liability insurance covers claims made against your esthetician practice by clients or members of the public for accidental injury or damage to themselves or their property.

This could arise from any thing that happens on your business premises or as a direct result of your business operations.

The important thing to understand is that the cover here is for accidents, not for claims that you injured or damaged a client when performing your work.

For that cover, you need Professional Liability insurance see below.

In any case where your business is found to be responsible for the damage or injury, this insurance will cover the associated costs, including payouts awarded in compensation and legal fees such as the cost of defending yourself in court

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A survey of small businesses in Pennsylvania shows that most take out enough insurance to cover a single claim of $1 million, and total claims of up to $2 million in a single year.

See the table below, where we have compiled a comparison of the expected costs of all the insurances we have discussed in this article.

Professional Liability Insurance in Pennsylvania for Aestheticians

Professional Liability insurance – or as it may sometimes be called Malpractice insurance for Aestheticians – can offer protection for your aesthetics practice if a client claims you’ve made a mistake, offered poor advice or been negligent.

This cover is especially important when you are doing hands-on aesthetics such as laser hair removal, chemical peels, waxing, microdermabrasion, hot stone therapy and all the other advanced techniques.

No matter your level of care, clients expect the best and may sometimes demand more than the exemplary service that you or any other aesthetician can provide.

Malpractice insurance is on hand to keep you protected in any case where a customer claims a lapse in your duty of care.

This might occur when any conduct or advice results in some negative consequences for a client.

Depending on the size of your business, you should set appropriate levels of cover.

In our research, we have found that businesses operating in the same sort of fields as aestheticians in PA are selecting policies that provide for $60,000 total cover for all claims in the single year, with a per-claim limit of $30,000.

See the table below, where we have compiled a comparison of the expected costs of all the insurances we have discussed in this article.

Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

If you are working out of some physical space you may have a substantial capital investment if you own the premises, or have a big liability if there’s a mortgage.

If the premises are rented, then it will probably have a clause in the rental agreement that you are responsible for the premises and must carry insurance against damages from any source including an unforeseen hazard, like a fire, water damage from floods or storms, and all such natural occurrences.

Included in most commercial insurance policies is cover for the content of the premises, like computers, furniture and general equipment, but it’s important to remember that for a special business such as an esthetics workspace, specific cover is necessary for your specialized equipment such as adjustable padded beds, toner units, microdermabrasion machines and cosmetic lasers.

For these, specific Equipment Insurance will be required.

Inventory insurance

Stock of specialized products both for use in treatments and for sale is one of the most essential parts of an esthetician’s business.

Many of the risks that are insured against for the premises also apply to inventory, like fire, water damage, storm damage, roof damage etc. but you need to add business crime insurance, to protect you in the event that the place is robbed

Equipment Insurance for estheticians in Pennsylvania

Since aestheticians need specialized and costly equipment, it is very expensive to replace it in case of any damage, loss, or theft.

Especially if you run a mobile business where the equipment has to be moved around extensively and sometimes stored in insecure and unsafe environments, there is a strong need for adequate equipment Insurance for estheticians in Pennsylvania.

The equipment may be subject to malicious damage, deliberate fire, theft, other such deliberate acts, or acts of nature like lightning strikes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other highly damaging natural events.

Unless you can afford to immediately replace such expensive gear quickly out of your own bank account, you should have full-level equipment insurance so that you can immediately buy any equipment needed, otherwise how will you keep the business running?

Commercial auto insurance in Pennsylvania

If part of your business is travelling to customers’ homes or to shared spaces such as clubs, gyms, hospitals etc., then you should make sure that you have proper insurance for the vehicle you are using.

Commercial vehicle insurance in Pennsylvania is not the same as private auto insurance.

If you have been using your own auto for transport activities on behalf of the business then you may have been breaching the terms of your private auto insurance policy, which excludes commercial activity.

Estimated costs of the main insurances for estheticians in Pennsylvania

The list below is a rough estimate of average annual premiums for the main types of insurance estheticians need in Pennsylvania and could change at any time.

Types of insurance Price range
Public liability insurance $758 – $1102
Inventory insurance $421 – $1265
Commercial insurance $829 – $2475
Commercial vehicle insurance $1669 – $3158
Malpractice insurance $469 – $776

Final thoughts

Over the next few months, business levels in Pennsylvania look sure to rise.

Don’t get caught unprepared by failing to upgrade to your likely insurance needs, because like most other estheticians, you are going to find that the risks associated with expanding business levels require the most up-to-date and proper esthetician insurance cover in Pennsylvania.