Pet insurance for cats

They may be inconsistent and moody, they may cuddle with you and then scratch you, they may be loving and caring or more independent, but each one of them is beautiful, intelligent, and comically cute. And we want to keep that special gift around as long as we can with a pet in insurance for cats – we will explain later.

Yes, friends, cats are probably amongst the most fascinating, controversial, and gorgeous creatures on our planet.

Egyptians worshiped them; they were related to witchcraft; people had superstitions regarding them, and some were  – and some still are – even superstitious about them. Today many people not only raise a single feline friend, but they raise a clutter of cats together.

Pet insurance for cats

Their charm is one of a kind and despite some of them not showing affection as much as dogs do, they are very loyal, tender, and wise animals.

Or maybe they think that we are their servants and they plan to take over the world, who knows?

What they have in common with all animals, and with us, is that they are living, breathing, running, jumping, eating and sleeping creatures, which means that sometimes unexpected and unwanted events can happen. They can be injured or injure some other animal. That’s why you need to think seriously about getting pet insurance for cats.

Taking care of your cat

You want to take care of your precious pet. He might be your best friend and definitely is a family member. We all are afraid even to imagine what it would be like to never cuddle with our cat, never play with him and never pet him with love.

Cats are highly individual personalities. On the one hand, many cats don’t go out at all, except in a cage with their owner to visit a veterinarian so they may be protected from outside dangers. Others love climbing and getting into strange places around the house, and although the famous saying may state that “a cat always lands on his paws,” he still might get hurt.

Other than that, there is a chance of sicknesses and health issues for any cat.

What could go wrong for your furry friend?

Many possible injuries and health problems could bring on the need for pet insurance for cats. Unfortunately, there are common illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, skin tumors, cancer, and problems that may come with aging, such as heart issues and kidney disease. In general, most of these diseases tend to appear when cats are getting old, so if your cat is over ten years old or even over 12 years old, you should definitely be ready to take care of his health more than ever.

Some of the common diseases for younger cats include

  • Allergies
  • FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) that causes AIDS
  • FUS/FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease) affects the cat’s ability to pee
  • Intestinal worms can be a real problem for stay-home cats.

Possible injuries for a stay-home cat may include mainly home accidents like falling from a very high place, getting hurt accidentally, and more.

Of course, your cat may live a full, long and healthy life and it will probably be this way.

Yet, there’s no harm in getting prepared to protect your beloved four-legged friend in case you need pet insurance for cats.

A trustworthy veterinarian

A trustworthy veterinarian is everything, and you know it. Someone professional, kind, caring, knows what he does and always ready to help. Selecting a great veterinarian may be one of the most essential selections that any cat owner can make.

A visit to a veterinary clinic isn’t always cheap and special treatments that are not considered regular annual treatments such as yearly vaccinations can get quite pricey.

Sometimes people have to raise money or take loans to pay for medical procedures for their pets. Alongside the worry for their pet’s health, they face concerns about financial problems due to expensive medical treatment.

Pet insurance for cats – is it worth it?

To avoid possible financial problems regarding any potential health issues for your cat, it’s definitely worth checking this out. Hopefully, your cat is strong and healthy, yet life is uncertain and full of changes for animals, just as it is for humans.

Happily, insurance companies offer preventive care packs for healthy cats and help you keep up with the yearly check-ups, vaccines, and tests to keep your furry friend healthy.  In case of injury, some companies offer emergency care, surgeries and rehab therapy and in case of sickness help you to get diagnostics, proper treatment and medication.

Pet insurance companies tend to offer refunds of about 80-90% of your veterinary expenses on your cat. This means, for example, that if a cat climbs on a fridge and then jumps on the floor and lands badly, breaking her leg, the costs for her treatment can include fees for X-rays, anesthesia, hospitalization and medical prescription, which all can reach as much as $2000.

But if you have pet insurance for your cat, you may pay only around 10%, or just $200.

Of course, the refund percentage and details may vary from company to company, and you have to check the exact terms before signing any agreement with them.

What are the coverage and terms for pet insurance for cats?

Most insurance companies don’t cover regular annual veterinary procedures that cats have to do every year anyway. They also might be selective with breed problems and refuse to cover cat health diseases or issues that existed before the registration to their insurance.

Some breeds such as Bengal, Burmese, Siamese, Himalayan, Persian, and others may have specific health problems that come with their pedigree. These tend to make them more expensive to cover with pet insurance for cats, if the companies will accept them in the first place.

The policy terms of pet insurance for your cat may also depend on your cat’s age, gender, and whether they are fixed or not. So if your cat is castrated/ sterilized, the insurance may cost you less.

Some companies have age limits. For example, if your cat is between 10-14 years old, some companies may offer an insurance plan that will cover accidents only, other companies may be more flexible, but you should not wait until the last minute to get the pet insurance for cats because it may not be available once the unfortunate event has happened.

Also, you have to check about coverage if your cat has previous health conditions and compare the coverage of each pet insurance for cats policies between different insurance companies. Not every company will cover previous health issues, whether it comes with the breed or not.

Are there other services on offer in pet insurance for cats?

Pet insurance companies may also have coverage for behavioral issues such as anxiety and CDS and alternative therapies such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, and acupuncture that can really help older cats. Insurance companies can cover dental illnesses, prescription food, and supplements if your cat requires a special diet or has a medical condition and end-of-life services.

It is painful to think about illnesses and especially about end-of-life services for your best four-legged friend. Still, this kind of service can help your cat to get through this as pain-free as possible and help you honor their memory forever with burial or cremation.

Companies that offer these additional services usually charge some extra fees for them, and it’s worth checking how much everything will cost you in total so that you will make the best decision for you and your beloved cat. And of course, to check with the company their exact additional services because every company has the right to offer different services and terms and limit their insurance plans.

Do you get value for money with pet insurance for cats?

Rates and prices for insurance plans can vary on all the things listed above and on other conditions. Some companies offer limited or starting plans from $10-$30 a month, depending on whether you take a plan both for accidents and health issues or only for accidents, and depending on other things we mentioned here. Every company has the right to decide on their rates, and if you have a particular condition of allergies or breed problems, the insurance may cost more.

Pet insurance for dogs

Do you know someone who has a dog? Do you yourself own a dog alongside your cat?

Dogs also need pet insurance. With them going outside, meeting other dogs and people, also with their own possible health conditions and special breed issues, they also may need good care, and you may need a financial and emotional safety net with pet insurance for dogs, just like you are considering the benefits of pet insurance for cats.

Read here if you want to know more about insurance for your dog.

Final thoughts

You have to check everything written here with companies that offer pet insurance for cats. Every company has its policy and can change terms from time to time. Make sure you ask them all the questions about the things listed here, such as breed, gender, age, and previous conditions, and compare different companies, plans, and rates so that you will pick the best option for you and your dear furry friend.

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