Handyman Liability Insurance in New Jersey – NJ

Handyman Liability Insurance in New Jersey – NJ is a crucial type of insurance to have for any person who does odd, yet highly skilled projects.

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A handyman, also known as a handyperson or handiwork is a fellow who is employed at skilled jobs.

If you’re a handyman, you must buy handyman liability insurance, and here’s why!

Handyman liability insurance in New Jersey

What Jobs does Handyman Do in New Jersey?

But first, a handyman is not to be mistaken for a contractor because the former is an individual who can perform more tasks around your house.

The latter usually has some type of registered license, but can also buy handyman liability insurance in New Jersey. That said, here are some common jobs handymen provide.

What are the Regular Handyman Jobs in New Jersey?

Even though there are myriad services handymen perform, the services listed below are the most common.

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This is one of the most traditional jobs handymen provide and deals with plumbing components in a residence.

There’s nothing more infuriating than broken plumbing parts in a home.

From the continuous dripping noise to the mold and mildew released from the leaking water, it’s a big problem to deal with.

To locate the cause of the leak, you will need a little expertise, for which you will have to commission a professional handyman. You can always call a plumber to do the work, but this will cost you more cash.

Handymen in the plumbing area can fix this kind of leak and much more such as leaks and issues related to washing machines, showers, and even leaks underneath sinks.

The quicker you can get these problems fixed, the better it is for the time ahead.

Light Fixture Installation

switching light fixtures may seem uncomplicated, but it ideally can be a complex task.

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A handiwork can fix your light parts to increase the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Some handypersons also have the expertise to give great ideas on upgrading your current light fixtures to make your home more presentable.

Drywall Repair

If you’re a house owner, you should already know the problems that can occur to your drywall. These dings are common when you have kids and pets.

The Good news is that fixing drywall isn’t that difficult, that is if you own the right tools.

A drywall handyperson not only has special knowledge and finesse but also owns the accurate tools for the job.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Yet another job you can perhaps do yourself, but the results will not be satisfying.

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Hiring the services of a handyperson ensures you get a good job done.

Deck Repairs

Quick fact: more than 20 percent of homes in America have outdoor living spaces including balconies, decks, and patios. These locations truly make living more pleasant, as long as they’re in excellent working order.

But due to exposure to harsh weather, outdoor areas can get mangled over the years.

And as a homeowner, you probably don’t have the knowledge to repair the decking yourself.

This is another common project for handy workers, as they have special skills to get the job done perfectly.

Flooring Improvements

Replacing or fixing a floor in your home can be a time-consuming process. Flooring can get damaged easily such as with dings and dents.

But these problems can be easily restored by a handyperson.

And if you’re a handyman selling things related to flooring from your website, you have to check out e-commerce business insurance in New Jersey, as it will safeguard your online business from liability.


Even though professional roofers set up roofs on houses, some handymen are skilled at repairing or replacement of shingles.

If you’re a roofer or a handyman dealing with roofs, then you need to get separate roofing insurance in New Jersey policy.

A simple trip from a ladder could cause injury to your client or his/her house, for which they can sue your roofing company for big money.

What are the Perks of Handyman Liability Insurance in New Jersey (NJ)?

Even if you’re the only employee of the company, you should get handyman liability insurance in NJ.

As a handyperson, you probably carry several types of tools to complete tasks with ease.

These tools can be expensive and can damage your business in the event of theft. With handyman liability insurance, your gadgets are shielded against theft, so you can replace them fast if they’re stolen.

General liability coverage is yet another benefit of handyman liability insurance and covers you in case you cause injury to your customers.

For example, if you’re painting the interior of a customer’s residence, and drop paint on the family pet, you may be sued by the house owner.

So, ask yourself, when this happens, do you have the cash to pay for these claims? Probably not, which is why you need handyman liability insurance in NJ.

As a handyperson in New Jersey, you probably don’t get workers’ compensation. This implies that if you get harmed while performing the customer’s job, your medical expenses will not be paid.

Plus, if you take time off due to the harm caused to you, you will not be compensated for the lost time. With handyman liability insurance, you get remunerated for when you take time off work.

Should Your Handyman have Insurance in New Jersey?

You mostly have homeowner’s insurance, but does it protect you against injury caused to a 3rd party — your handyman? The answer is probably not!

Even if your home insurance policy does provide cover remuneration for handyman damage, you will still have to pay the deductible first to end the claim.

Furthermore, if the handiwork causes any damage to furniture and people in your house, your home insurance will probably not cover it whatsoever.

What are the Different Types of Handyperson Insurance in NJ?

There are several types of handyman insurance coverages to choose from. But it’s worth noting that the more coverage you opt for, the steeper the price.

Handyman general liability insurance is the most traditional type of handyman insurance coverage and includes property damage, medical fees legal fees, and settlements.

As a handyperson, you may be doing several types of projects for your clients including installing a new kitchen sink or changing windows.

General liability insurance for a handyman in New Jersey protects you in case your customer trips over your tools and hurts their leg or other parts of their body.

And if you mistakenly damage your client’s $100,000 antique vase, then General liability insurance for a handyman in New Jersey – NJ will cover you for that too. This form of insurance will also shield you against any injury onsite and libel, slander and defamation.

Many insurance services will also provide the option of adding vehicle insurance, which should protect your tools against theft and damage.

If you drive a vehicle with lots of tools in it, then choose the extra car insurance option makes sense.

To understand whether you need handyman insurance nj, ask yourself if you will be able to compensate for the claims from your own pocket.

Does a Handyman Need a License in New Jersey?

Even though handy workers perform several kinds of jobs, some tasks do require a handyman license in New Jersey.

In most cases, states do not issue handyman licenses, but this also depends on how big the job is.

For example, if the job is valued at over $5000, the handyperson may be asked to get a license.

Each state has its own criteria for a handyperson license, and some states don’t issue a handyman license such as New Jersey.

Handyman Liability Insurance Cost – What to Expect

Handyworker insurance costs vary across insurance agencies and also depend on the kind of coverage you choose.

Handy workers can expect to pay somewhere between $60 per month for general handy worker liability insurance cover.

If you want to add handyman workers compensation insurance coverage, then the price of handyman liability insurance will be roughly $300 per month.

Ready to Get Handyman Liability Insurance in New Jersey?

When choosing the best handyman liability insurance cover, pay attention to the terms and conditions.

Furthermore, don’t forget to seek clarification about any questions you may have so that you buy the best handyman liability coverage.

We will try to provide information about online insurance companies that work in NJ, so if you live in cities in the table example, or smaller cities it does not matter to online insurance companies:

City Zip Code
Newark 07101-07108, 07112-07114, 07175, 07182
Jersey City 07302-07308, 07310-07311, 07395-07399
Paterson 07501-07505, 07510, 07513-07514, 07522-07524
Elizabeth 07201-07208
Trenton 08601-08611, 08618-08620, 08625, 08628-08629, 08638, 08641, 08645-08648, 08650, 08666-08691
Camden 08101-08110, 08102-08109, 08111-08112
Clifton 07011-07015
Passaic 07055-07057
Union City 07087
Bayonne 07002

Insurance coverage by cities in NJ:

We will try to provide information about online insurance companies that work in New Jersey, so if you live in cities as an example: Vineland, Paterson, Perth Amboy, Linden, Union City, Clifton, Kearny, East Orange, Hoboken, Bayonne, Camden, West New York, Sayreville, Atlantic City, Elizabeth, New Brunswick, Trenton, Plainfield, Passaic, Hackensack, Newark, Jersey City, or smaller cities like Red Bank, it does not matter to these companies.

What are the most needed types of handyman insurance in NJ?

  • General Liability Protection – Offers coverage against third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage, and personal harm, including slander and libel. It can pay for attorney expenses, settlements, and judgements.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Accidents involving cars used for commercial reasons, such as hauling equipment and tools, are covered for physical injury and property damage.
  • Property insurance safeguards your company assets, such as your tools and equipment, from theft, fire, and other covered occurrences.
  • The liability coverage provided by umbrella insurance exceeds the limitations of your other insurance plans.
    Businesses with high-risk activities or pricey equipment may find this handy.
  • Professional Liability Insurance (Errors & Omissions, E&O): Protects against claims arising from alleged professional mistakes or negligence. Critical for covering legal defense and settlements. Detailed insights can be found at Errors and Omissions Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Tools and Equipment Insurance: Specifically tailored to protect the tools and equipment essential for handymen. Covers repairing or replacing tools in events like theft or damage. Learn more at Equipment Insurance.

Handyman Business Risks and Insurance: A Quick Guide

This table presents a succinct overview of the primary risks associated with handyman businesses and the corresponding insurance coverages. It’s designed to help handymen understand the various challenges they may face, ranging from physical injuries on the job to potential property damages and professional errors.

Each risk is paired with relevant insurance types, such as general liability, professional liability, and workers’ compensation, highlighting how these policies can safeguard against specific vulnerabilities. The table format makes it easy to identify each risk category and its insurance solution, serving as a valuable resource for handymen seeking to protect their business and ensure peace of mind.

Risk Category Description Relevance to Handyman Insurance
Physical Injury Risks of physical harm to the handyman or others during work. This includes falls, cuts, electrical shocks, etc. Workers’ compensation and general liability insurance can cover medical expenses and liability for injuries.
Property Damage Potential for accidental damage to a client’s property during a job, such as breaking a window or damaging a wall. General liability insurance would cover the costs associated with property repairs or replacements.
Equipment Loss Risk of theft, loss, or damage to tools and equipment essential for the handyman’s work. Tools and equipment insurance can cover the costs of repairing or replacing these vital assets.
Professional Errors Mistakes or oversights in work that result in financial loss or physical damage, such as incorrect installations or faulty repairs. Professional liability (E&O) insurance can cover legal and compensation costs arising from these professional errors.
Vehicle Accidents Accidents involving business vehicles, either causing injury to others or damage to the vehicle and equipment within. Commercial auto insurance covers damages and liabilities related to business vehicle accidents.
Cyber Risks Data breaches, hacking, or electronic data damage, especially for handymen who use digital tools or handle client information online. Cyber insurance can protect against the financial implications of these digital threats.
Business Interruption Interruptions in business operations due to unforeseen events like natural disasters, which can halt work and lead to loss of income. Business Owners Policy (BOP) often includes business interruption insurance to cover lost income during such periods.
Property Risks Damage to the physical location of the business (if applicable) or its contents due to fires, theft, natural disasters, etc. Commercial property insurance covers damages to business premises and its contents.

Handyman insurance cost in NJ – get the cheapest handyman insurance

When seeking the best handyman insurance in New Jersey, it’s essential to consider various factors that influence the cost. The key to finding the most affordable and effective coverage lies in understanding policy limits, the scope of coverage, and the specific needs of your handyman business.

It’s advisable to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers to ensure you’re getting a comprehensive plan at a competitive rate.

By obtaining online quotes, handymen can easily evaluate different insurance plans, comparing their costs and benefits side-by-side. This approach helps in identifying an insurance solution that not only meets the regulatory requirements but also provides ample protection against potential risks associated with handyman services.

Ultimately, the best handyman insurance plan is one that offers a balance between adequate coverage and affordability.

Handyman in New Jersey

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, securing the right handyman liability insurance in New Jersey is more than just a regulatory requirement; it’s a smart business decision. As a handyman, your work spans various tasks, each with its unique risks and challenges.

Whether it’s plumbing, electrical work, or simple home repairs, the right insurance safeguards not just your financial stability but also your reputation. By choosing a comprehensive insurance plan, you ensure peace of mind for yourself and your clients.

Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Focus on finding a balance between cost and coverage, ensuring that your insurance meets both your budget and your professional needs. With the diverse range of jobs and risks involved, investing in suitable insurance coverage is not just a necessity but a cornerstone of your business’s long-term success.