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If you conduct an e-commerce business, you should get e-commerce insurance in Illinois. e-commerce businesses are increasingly popular these days, and account for more than 3.53 trillion US dollars.

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Similar to operating any type of business, big or small, you safeguard your e-commerce business from failure, which is why you should invest in e-commerce business insurance.

E-Commerce Insurance in Illinois

Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs Insurance in Illinois

There are myriad reasons why your e-commerce business should have insurance including:

Data Breach and Data Security

Online businesses are more inclined to a data breach, which occurs when customer information is stolen.

Even if you’re just starting an e-commerce business, you’re probably going to store personal customer information.

And it is not the amount of information you collect, losing even one entry could amount to big damages for your company.

A data breach is not limited to your customers but can happen to your employees as well.

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Let’s take a leading company as an example, the company leaked employee Social Security numbers in 2014.

This breach threatened customer trust, which hurt the company’s brand reputation and loyalty.

If your e-commerce business is not protected by the latest online security measures, it will create expensive lawsuits. These lawsuits can make damage reputation-wise, and monetarily.

You will probably not have the funds to settle these lawsuits, which is why you must have eCommerce business insurance.

DDoS Attacks

Have you had a rise in traffic to your website? Normally, an increase in traffic is a good thing, but sudden traffic might be a reason for concern.

Distributed Denial of Service, short for DDoS attacks are inevitable to e-commerce businesses, because they operate a business online, and are very affordable to execute.

DDoS attacks can amount to a big loss in revenue and have detrimental effects on your e-commerce business.

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To safeguard losses from DDoS attacks, you should get e-commerce cyber attack insurance.

Cyberattack insurance is a significantly new type of insurance, but that is on the rise quickly and for several excellent reasons.

However, getting the best cyber attack insurance may be a bit confusing, because there are many different types to choose from.

Crisis management is the most common type of cyber attack insurance and covers your eCommerce business from damages resulting from DDoS attacks.

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Product Liability Issues

Even you only sell digital stuff, it can break down your consumers. Some good examples of product malfunction are big companies.

Due to product malfunction, these companies forked out millions of dollars in lawsuits, which were covered with some type of e-commerce insurance.

You may think your stuff is extremely safe, but have no idea about the damage it can cause to others. Here you can find more information about e-commerce companies in Illinois.


The cost of fraud for e-commerce businesses is much more today than it used to be many years ago. There are different types of e-commerce fraud including card testing fraud, friendly fraud, account takeover fraud, and much more.

If you run an e-commerce store, you not only have to protect your customers from fraud, but you also must protect your business from getting robbed.

Preventing fraud is tricky, given that most times you have no control over how and when it happens.

When searching for the best e-commerce insurance in Illinois, it is important to choose a company that provides protection against fraud.

Different Types of e-commerce Insurance Coverage in Illinois

When selecting the best e-commerce insurance company in Illinois, you first have to choose the type of coverage you need to protect your business from damage.

There are many different types of e-commerce insurance policies to choose from, most generally:

General Liability Insurance

The is notably the common type of eCommerce insurance coverage available for your e-commerce insurance company in Illinois.

Whether you run your online venture from your abode or leased space, you have to get general liability insurance, and here’s why!

With regards to injury, like an e-commerce business owner, it is a good idea to check out e-commerce life insurance plans to protect your family.

General liability insurance covers your eCommerce business from third-party bodily injury and property damage claims.

So, if anyone comes to your office, and goes through an injury, then the legal obligations, and potential costs will be paid for by your e-commerce insurance company in Illinois.

It is important not to mistake e-commerce general liability insurance with your homeowners’ insurance policy.

While some homeowners’ insurance terms may cover your household physical items, they will not cover you from any fraud costs relevant to your e-commerce business.

This is why you need an exclusive e-commerce insurance policy.

Commercial Crimes Insurance

Commercial crimes insurance may be a bit confusing, but to tell you briefly shields your e-commerce business from fraud commonly from crimes committed by your staff or third parties.

These crimes can include robberies, fraudulent transactions, and embezzlement related to your e-commerce business.

Technology Errors & Omissions Insurance

Another type of e-commerce insurance to protect your business insurance is technology errors and omissions insurance.

This type of insurance brings together several different kinds of insurances including product liability and cyber insurance.

When you choose technology errors and omissions insurance, you protect your e-commerce business from product failure that causes injury to your customer.

How to Choose an E-Commerce Insurance Company in IL?

There are several factors to take into account when choosing the best e-commerce insurance company in Illinois.

Company Reputation

The e-commerce insurance company you select should have a superior reputation.

When you’re finding the best e-commerce insurance company in Illinois, you need to avoid cheap e-commerce insurance companies in Illinois, because these will not offer the correct coverage you need.

It is also very critical to prioritize the coverage over the fees as this may result in big financial damage.

Read Your e-commerce Business Insurance Policy

When you do select an e-commerce business insurance policy, it is critical that you read the policy including the fine print for any errors.

If you don’t get any terms in the policy, then it’s a good idea to seek clarification from your insurance broker before agreeing on the policy. If you fail to do this, then you may have trouble when you file a claim.

Consider the Deductible

Most e-commerce business insurance companies in IL charge deductible. This is a cost you will have to pay in the event you file a claim.

A high deductible may not be feasible for your business, hence it is a smart idea to try and speak with your insurance provider about reducing the deductible.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the best eCommerce insurance policy is a smart choice for your online business. There are plenty of insurance providers to opt for when checking for the best insurance provider including cost, reputation, and coverage amount.

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