Business insurance for the content creator

It is vital to take out a content creator business insurance for the content creator business before you start having problems, whether you are a consultant, freelance, or loyal employee.

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Although it is true that the level of business has flourished for several years, the lawsuits about damages have done so as well.

You are responsible for creating, reviewing, and editing corporate content for publication on corporate websites and social media sites.

Content Creator Insurance

It will be your job to find key SEO terms and incorporate them into your content for maximum visibility.

In this short article, we will try to describe which insurance areas you should focus on and how many budgets you should have.

Here are some key segments of the insurance market you need.

Insurance is required for your creative content business

All companies are different and this is especially true for very specific activities such as counseling, research and creation.

Small Business General Liability Protection:
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For this reason, we are unable to specify insurance needs or make any exact recommendation to increase the level. However, these are general guidelines based on our experience for companies in similar areas, such as Freelancer, General Contractors, Photography Business, Health coach, and Yoga teachers.

Before making a decision, check with your local insurance agents and brokers and shop with local insurance companies.

A great way to find the professionals you need is to do a web search on google for terms like your city as a keyword as well as “content creator insurance”.

The table below shows the recommended insurance levels for established content creators.

In addition, we offer an expected range of insurance coverage levels and expected annual premiums.

Before you decide, discuss these options with your agent, broker, or insurance company.

The following table lists insurance requirements and average costs for small businesses such as yours.

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Premiums are for annual payment.

If you wish to pay monthly, the total for 12 months will be higher.

Insurance type Basic level of cover Expected range of annual premium
General Liability  $2 million full year

$1 million for a single claim

$500 – $700
Errors & Omissions  $100,000 full year

$30,000 single claim

$1200 – $1800
Commercial auto insurance* Based on replacement cost  with $250 deductible $1500 – $3000
Commercial property insurance* Based on the property value  with $2000 deductible $800 – $1200
Digital Liability $10,000 with $250 deductible $2500 – $400
Business Interruption $10,000 with $500 deductible $200 – $350
BOP insurance* As per value of property with $2000 deductible $700 – $1100

*These are totally dependent on the value of the assets being insured

Where do you start to find the right insurance cover?

If you have just started in your own content writing company or have never considered taking out insurance before.

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In this case, you should consult the insurance agents and agents working in your city.

Talk to your bank and talk to lawyers about whether creative content writers need licenses, which is the case in some counties.

Other rules may apply when you plan to open an office.

The U.S. Government Small Business Administration website can tell you what is relevant to you.

What do you need in your business with the media?

Error and omission insurance protects you if something unexpected or unavoidable happens in your business relationship with a customer.

To a person in constant contact with public figures who come to ask for help in raising their public image and profile, they set very high expectations and even the best services may not meet their expectations.

The end result can be a dissatisfied and unhappy customer who claims you have acted incorrectly or dishonestly and now it is up to a judge to decide who is right.

If you do not have the right insurance, you need to defend yourself against any claim.

If that does not help, you must cover not only your costs, but also the plaintiff’s fees, as well as the damages awarded, and there is no limit to how many penalties the court can decide when dealing with emotional issues such as this.

The policy will protect you and your company from all claims of negligence and financial loss due to errors or omissions in the provision of services (also professional liability).

The most important thing for you is that the protection against any claims is the insurance company’s responsibility.

This means that you are guaranteed professional legal advice and action by the company, regardless of the result.

Even if you are found to be at fault, the insurance company will have to defend you, and pay the judgment and costs of defense.

General liability insurance for content creator

A general liability insurance protects your company from third party claims for damages or damages that are not directly related to your services and from claims for copyright infringement and marketing confidentiality breaches.

For example, if a client visits your home with a member of their family where you handle their documentation affairs for consultation and they or the relative (known as a third party) gets stuck on the loose carpet or walks into the entrance, they may sue.

For any damages that occur as a result of this, including medical expenses, mental stress, loss of income, rehabilitation expenses, etc.

In the same way, we assume that you run your business on a commercial website.

Then as soon as someone enters through the portal of your domain.

In this case, you have a “duty of care” for which you are responsible

Cyber ​​responsibility

Cyber ​​liability insurance covers all requests from customers or other third parties that information relevant to them and provided to you professionally during the consultation is placed safely in the public domain.

For example, if the details posted on the blog are offensive or provocative to someone.

In all cases, if your data is stolen, they will pay all extortion fees with the loss of valuable business data.

In case of digital interruption, you can claim lost income.

Interruption of work

In all cases where normal content creation business is interrupted as a result of a particular event, with Hazard insurance you will be reimbursed for ongoing costs, such as rent, electricity, mortgage or interest on a bank loan, etc., plus reasonable income, in accordance with this policy.

Events such as fires, earthquakes, bad weather and other natural hazards are various common hazards that you will be covered for.

Property and buildings insurance

When doing business with customers from a particular area, whether it is a dedicated room in your home or if you own or rent a business space, you must sign a commercial property policy.

Property values ​​must be secured from natural events such as fire, storm, earthquake and human activities such as vandalism, sabotage and arson.

Business Owner Policy (BOP)

BOP combines the main sections of general liability insurance, business property insurance and business interruption insurance.

It protects your physical assets as well as the financial value of your business.

Separate insurance can be a great option as it provides increased coverage and is generally cheaper than multiple policies.

Commercial auto insurance for content creator business

Suppose you use a private vehicle on the way to counseling with content creation customers and on the return.

In that case, you will have to replace your car insurance with commercial car insurance, as most private car insurance excludes business claims.

Commercial auto insurance provides the same coverage in the event of a collision, theft, medical condition and third parties.

Other special insurances you may need

If you are working as a contractor to other companies, there may be conditions in the contracts that set performance levels, completion dates and more.

In this case, special insurance may be required.

Provides coverage in situations such as contract cancellation, damage to third party reputation, suspected breach of contract.

If you hire a full-time, temporary or contractual worker, you may need to take out accident insurance.

Rules, prices and levels are determined individually in each state. Workers Compensation insurance covers you in cases where an employee experiences an accident at work or an occupational disease.

They can claim a deducted salary and all medical expenses along with rehabilitation. In many states, accident insurance also covers employer liability.

If you followed the advice of an advisor in establishing your business as a limited liability company (LLC).

In such cases, you should also take out insurance from the director, which provides coverage for your personal assets in all cases where your corporate governance decisions could be challenged in litigation.


Where does the content creation business come from?

Business is booming in the media, and more and more people and companies want to raise their presence on the internet.

And the technological revolution means that instead of a personal encounter, new customers are rushing through channels like Zoom, Skype and FaceTime.

For content writers, the level of work has almost doubled due to these changing times and the number of people seeking new connections.

Why should you opt for deductibles?

Agreeing to some deductible amount on claims is a great way to reduce premiums.

You accept up-front a deductible amount.

This means you pay a small part of any insurance claim, up to the accepted amount. 

Insurance companies offer the discount because it allows them to avoid “nuisance” claims.

Dealing with claims creates high administration costs.

Talk about this with your insurance agent, or insurance broker to see how much you can save.