Window Cleaning Business Insurance

Insurance for window cleaning business is important because of the risks you face when providing this service to your customers.

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Because your own business is unique, you can also customize your window cleaning insurance so that you get the cheapest window cleaning insurance.

Window Cleaning Business insurance

Some of the window cleaning business insurance types that you should take are:

  • window cleaning liability insurance
  • window cleaning company insurance
  • window cleaners insurance
  • window cleaning public liability insurance

Liability Insurance for window cleaners

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance for window cleaners covers your window cleaning business for any claims made by a member of the public for damages that occur in the conduct of your business activities.

It gives you cover for all of the costs of compensation for personal injuries and loss of or damage to a third party or to their property.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance provides you with coverage in the event of an accident where you are working, such as a customer’s home or business, causing damage to the property or to someone other than you.

An example is if a person stumbles and falls while trying to get around your gear.

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In this case, they can claim for compensation.

An example is a high-speed jet that breaks a window.

Flying glass could injure a person on the spot or hit walls and furniture, causing serious injury.

Another possibility is that your powerful water tools may have damaged their walls or furniture while you are working outside the office or home.

In such a case, you may be liable for subsequent losses and may be required to pay damages and legal fees.

Take out enough liability insurance to match the level of risk that you face.

You should take out as much window cleaning liability insurance as you need to cover the maximum possible claim under your State and city law.

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This is known as the Aggregate Liability limit. It means the total maximum amount of claims that are admissible under the policy by the insurance company.

You can customize your window cleaning liability insurance by specifying an increase to the aggregate liability limit by an endorsement to the policy.

Professional Liability Insurance

Insurance against mistakes (errors and omissions insurance / E&O) is essential for outdoor services because your customers trust and believe that you are performing the service professionally, correctly, and thoroughly.

The customer may claim that you performed your services without the required care, diligence or skill level, or that you did not answer the call or that the service was not what you were supposed to do.

In any case, if you go to court, you will have to defend your work and reputation, and the cost of defense can be considerable.

Although you could win the case in court, you will have to fund the whole defense yourself. 

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Asset window washing insurance

Equipment Insurance for window cleaners

The equipment you use in the field work is probably highly specialized.

It should also always be at hand.

That means, you will need to replace it if it is damaged, lost or stolen.

High replacement costs! Either way, you need good insurance to make claims and buy right away, knowing that if they get lost or stolen, the insurance company will refund you quickly.

Company Auto Insurance for window cleaners

Commercial vehicle window washing insurance means that if you own or rent a truck or van, the cost of replacing a vehicle and its contents can be high.

Also, you can not get a loan from a finance company until you buy insurance.

You can also get a loan from a financial institution only if you take out comprehensive auto insurance.

You are not insured when you use a private auto for any business activity.

As well, commercial vehicle cover gives you increased protection in case of a major claim.

You will get up to $1 million to $2 million accident liability cover because the risks for businesses are usually higher.

Can you get window cleaning insurance by the month for seasonal or contract window cleaning business?

Temporary insurance can be an option if you don’t have enough continuous business for a whole year.

Maybe you are just establishing the business as a sideline or the demand for window cleaning is highly seasonal.

In this case it makes sense to shut up shop for the quiet months.

Most insurance companies sell cover and calculate the premium for 12 months.

If you are uninsured and something does go wrong, and a court decides against you, the settlement could run up to tens of thousands of dollars or even more.

Now some insurance companies have begun to offer special policies where you can buy monthly window cleaning insurance for a specified period.

You are paying for the period of cover that you need.

You will save money from lower premium costs but still have the same cover. 

For example, if you are a contractor to a builder putting up a housing estate complex.

Probably, you will only get the job if you have proper public liability and E&O insurance.

But if your work will take only a few weeks at the end then you don’t want to have to pay for a whole year.

Take out cover for the weeks when you are working onsite so you are covered for that activity.

What monthly window cleaning liability insurance is is a policy that can start on a specified date and run for a number of days like starting on a specific date, and running for 30 days giving all the usual protection from risk in the same way as annual cover.

How much is window cleaning insurance?

The charges for window cleaner insurance for general liability, and window washing insurance for Errors & Omissions depends on the level of cover you ask for.

Insurance for window cleaners’ assets like the equipment and autos are based on the replacement cost of anything that is damaged or lost.

Insurance for window cleaning businesses for Workers Compensation insurance is set by your own State. 

Many other service providers do special work on the premises of customers.

We have based our estimates on the usual costs for insurance quotes to Handymen, Solar panel contractorsRoofing contractors, Fencing installers, Field Service Technicians, General Contractors, Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, Glaziers, Locksmith, Carpenters, Groundskeeping and Landscaping services and Concrete contractors.

We are providing very general guidelines to the levels of cover and the annual premiums you can expect to pay.

Subject Level of cover Likely average cost per year
Public liability $2 million per year, maximum $1 million single claim $700 – $1100
Professional liability $100,000 full year, $50,000 single claim with $2,000 deductible $500 – $800
Equipment Calculated on insurable value (IV) with $250 deductible  $120 – $250
Vehicle Based on replaceable value $1200 – $3000


What are the costs for window cleaning business insurance?

Your window cleaning business has its special requirements, so we can only give a broad estimate of what the window cleaning insurance costs may be.

You can consult with insurance brokers and companies to give you a window cleaning insurance quote based on the average cost of window cleaning insurance.

What does deductibles mean?

You can reduce premiums with a deductible amount, which means you pay an agreed part of any insurance claim.

Insurance companies don’t want to deal with “nuisance” claims that mean high administration costs for claim handling.

Discuss this with your insurance broker, agent or representative of the window cleaning insurance company to see how much you can save.
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