Equipment Insurance in Vermont

Managers of companies of all sizes in Vermont – VT are increasingly turning to getting the proper levels of insurance cover for the equipment that is necessary to ensure the success of their operations.

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This has created a special necessity in the market for information about Equipment Insurance.

We hope this short article will give you the information about what your best options are in Vermont.

The general kind of equipment can vary depending on what segment of the economy your company operates in.

In this article, we will try to highlight the main features of how businesses have been ensuring that their investment in equipment is properly insured.

equipment insurance Vermont

Why do you need equipment insurance in Vermont?

Tools and equipment are essential to daily running of your business activity. If they are stolen, lost or damaged, then all work must come to a halt until they have been replaced.

So this is a double need. Insurance will help you to buy whatever you now need, and will quickly bring you back to normal operations and keep your customers happy and the profits flowing.

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Home service providers in Vermont

Many self-employed services in VT offer the complete range of repairs and replacements for domestic customers. A sample of these includes:

Some examples of the typical equipment insurance requirements for such businesses includes:

A roof shingle repairer will have need of powered hand tools like drills, saws, blowers, cutters, scaffolding, ladders and workbenches, and helmets and safety gear.

On the other hand, a glazer will typically need laser levels, dust-control systems, standing lights and hearing protection and goggles for welding.

A few special cases are, for example where the Vermont handyman license requires special insurance covers.

Tools and equipment for on-site work such as we wrote about above have some extra in Vermont because they don’t have the protection that you can provide when they are stored inside your own workshop.

They are in open space, subject to weather changes and the roving eyes of possible vandals and thieves.

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If you are spending your time watching over them, then you won’t get much work done, so having the safety of knowing that you have enough insurance will give you the chance to get on with the job.

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For larger businesses in Vermont, there is the need for both production and administration equipment. A few examples of these are:

  • Specialized production equipment used on a manufacturing line
  • Mobile mechanical equipment such as generators and pumps which are moved around between worksites
  • Safety devices like fire alarm systems connected to the phone network
  • Control systems such as freezers to keep people and goods in the right temperature range.
  • Digital equipment such as communication systems that are essential for the administration of business
  • Electrical equipment like transformers and cables that control power to your other equipment

For all of these you should be thinking of the relatively affordable cost of insurance, compared to the massive losses that your business could sustain if something goes wrong.

As well as replacement costs and work lost, you may have to foot the bill for idle-time of your employees, who are standing around with nothing to do while the problem is being fixed.

To cover you in this, consider how breakdown insurance can help you.

Equipment breakdown insurance in Vermont

Equipment breakdown insurance helps insure you in case of any stoppage or failure in your equipment. It will provide the following general payouts:

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  • spoilage of produce that were stored in temperature-controlled areas
  • repair or replacement costs for any damaged equipment, including time and labor
  • all necessary expenses of the repairs, such as assessors, travel and accommodation for repairmen, etc.
  • Lost income while the equipment is out of action or being repaired

Equipment rental businesses in Vermont

A special case in all we are discussing is a business that does nothing else but hire-out equipment. For this kind of business, there are extra possibilities of damage, loss and theft. 

For example, equipment has to be moved around extensively and sometimes stored in insecure and unsafe environments.

In addition, for extended periods of time, the equipment is outside of your control so the levels of risk are much higher.

It may be subject to deliberate damage, fire, theft or acts of nature like lightning strikes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other highly damaging natural events.

All of these combine to make equipment insurance for equipment rental companies in VT a must-have protection.

What is the best form of equipment insurance in Vermont

Since most businesses has equipment of some kind, cover is usually included in a standard Commercial Insurance package.

Alternatively, most insurance companies in vermont offer a specialized Business Owners Policy BOP that includes equipment insurance.

If you have any questions about insurance for small businesses in VT, you can usually find the answers on the web, or by consulting with regional brokers and agents.

Neither commercial insurance nor BOP provide coverage for wear-and-tear from usage, like corrosion and rust.

Larger operations such as building contractors must give details of their more expensive and specialized equipment such as generators, concrete mixers, diggers etc.

Most policies require specifications for any items that have a replacement cost of more than a few thousand dollars, the age of the equipment and its book value in your accounts.

Out-of-date equipment may not be covered at replacement cost. You should make sure what the terms and conditions of your policy are.


How much does equipment insurance cost in Vermont?

It is difficult to give exact numbers because there are so many differences between what kind of equipment is covered, the value, and the risks.

Here are some guidelines:

  • tools and equipment insurance in Vermont costs approximately $3 per month per thousand dollars of cover
  • computer and office equipment with a value of $20,000 should cost around $20 per month, if you agree to a deductible of $250
  • heavy equipment will cost around $50 per month for $25,000 cover, but this excludes breakdown insurance

What is covered under electronic equipment insurance in Vermont?

In Vermont, it is possible to get cover for electronic equipment under a commercial insurance or BOP policy.

This will include printers, and modems. All companies also include mobile devices that are specifically designed.

Office equipment like fax machines are also covered.
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