Handyman Liability Insurance in California – CA

Work as a handyman in California? You should seriously consider taking out handyman insurance cover for yourself and your business. The most popular kinds of  handyman insurance in California are:

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  • General liability insurance
  • Professional liability / Error & Omission insurance
  • Equipment insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Workers Compensation insurance

Handyman liability insurance in California

What work does a handyman do in California?

As a handyman, handyperson, repairman, serviceman, or handy worker, your work provides professional services for customers who need home maintenance, small repairs, and installation. The most popular handyman services in California are:

In California, a handyman cannot do work requiring a handyman license or permit, such as installing air conditioning or furnaces.

Are you protecting yourself against possible litigation and loss?

You cannot foresee the future, so you need policies designed for your individual business needs. Working as a handyman, you are doing a wide range of work. You have to be sure you’re protecting yourself against any possible event.

What does handyman General Liability Insurance cover?

General liability insurance is bought by more than 90% of small business owners in the US.

Handyman general liability insurance covers you if someone other than yourself or your employee gets injured by something you do, or you damage something that belongs to your customer. General liability is not required by law in California. Still, it’s also good for your business because customers may want proof of coverage.

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General liability insurance in California will pay for restoring or replacing damaged property, medical costs for injuries, and any relevant legal fees and judgments.

What does handyman general liability insurance in CA cost?

Handyman general liability insurance in California can start with rates as low as $25-$28 per month. It can vary depending on the level of cover you request.

Note: To estimate the insurance we recommend using our insurance calculator.

What is Professional Liability / Error & Omission insurance?

Handyman professional liability insurance covers you if a customer alleges that the work you did was negligent, substandard or unsatisfactory.

Error & Omissions insurance will take up your case. It provides legal defense, pays the associated costs and judgment, or a settlement if that is reached for restoring or replacing damaged property, medical costs for injuries, and any associated costs.

What does professional liability/E&O insurance in California cost?

E&O insurance in CA should cost as little as $45 per month. It can be cheaper if you take a lower cover with a larger deductible.

What is handyman Equipment insurance?

To do your work efficiently and correctly, you need a complete toolbox and maybe some electronic devices or special equipment you borrowed or leased for a particular job. Handyman equipment insurance ensures all of this is protected wherever you store it – in your home, the car or van and a trailer, and most importantly, on the job site.

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Equipment insurance will protect you in case of vandalism, theft, damage by fire, and other non-work-related losses.

What does equipment insurance in California cost?

If all the equipment adds up to under $10,000, a policy in California should cost as little as $12 per month. It can be cheaper if you take a lower cover with a larger deductible. We calculated a simple cover with the lowest possible deductible – $250 – for comparison.

What is handyman vehicle insurance?

Handyman vehicle insurance covers your private or company car, van, or truck in case of an accident, theft, fire, or similar event. Suppose you are using your private vehicle for work-related activity. In that case, your private insurance is not covering you in case of any claim. You need to either add a business cover to your private policy or take out a separate commercial vehicle insurance policy.

The vehicle insurance should cover driver liability, vehicle and third-party damage, and any associated medical costs. It should also cover your costs if the other party is an uninsured motorist.

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What does commercial vehicle insurance in California cost?

For handy workers like you in California, the average monthly cost for a new car or light truck is around $185 per month.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation is mandatory by law in California if you employ one or more full-time, part-time, casual, or subcontractor workers. The law intends to ensure that employers provide coverage for work-related injuries and occupational diseases. Plus, it’s the right thing to do for your employees. If you’re a one-person operation, it’s good because work-related injuries maybe aren’t covered by your health insurance.

Without workers compensation insurance, you are personally liable for all costs and claims of damage from workers in case of accident or sickness, and you are also breaking the laws of California and could be subject to heavy fines and even jail.

What does Workers Compensation insurance in California cost?

In California, the average cost of workers compensation is based on payroll and risk factors. It presently is around $1.25 per $100 of pay per month.

Final thoughts

Without insurance cover in all your handyman activity, you are leaving yourself exposed to all kinds of risks that could spoil your life’s work in creating the business. If you are asking yourself whether you can afford it, ask yourself instead, “can you afford to be without it?” because the risks are far greater than the minimal cost.

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