Kentucky Commercial Auto Insurance – KY

For any company in Kentucky that runs one or more commercial vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and light vans for business use, having the proper commercial auto insurance is vital.

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Every time a vehicle goes out on some business activity, you are exposed to high risks if some bang occurs.

Most of the covers offered under a commercial vehicle policy in KY are the same as for private auto insurance.

Ask yourself the question – can you afford to pay out the possible losses you may sustain if your business vehicle is involved in a collision where a third party is injured or worse still, is killed.

Even if it’s not your fault, you may face a long battle in the busy courts in Kentucky, with massive legal bills, just to get back to square one.

Commercial Auto Insurance in Kentucky

Next, your truck or van may be carrying products or other valuable work items.

In the event of a heist, you may have to completely replace all of this expensive stuff, or in the best case may have to pay for repairs if they are not entirely lost.

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This could completely drain your cash resources, and your business comes to a complete suspension until everything is working again.

With commercial vehicle insurance, your tools are protected against theft, so you can replace them quickly if they’re stolen.

For cars, trucks, and vans used for business purposes in Kentucky, commercial vehicle insurance provides coverage for bodily injury in the event of death or injury resulting from an accident for which the driver was found to be at fault.

Damage to another person’s or company’s property becomes your liability in Kentucky, and you may have to pay out thousands of dollars to repair or replace the damage. Commercial vehicle insurance covers this possibility regardless of who was at fault.

You also have to take care of your own vehicles in case of a smash. Commercial auto policies cover the costs of repair or replacement of the insured vehicle with the payout for the cost of any repairs.

In Kentucky, where drivers of other vehicles may be underinsured or not even carry their own collision insurance, you could be left with a sizable gap to pay yourself after a collision. Commercial auto insurance includes coverage for just such a mishap.

Finally, the cover of medical expenses in case of injury coming from your vehicle’s use can quickly mount up to tens of thousands of dollars.

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Proper insurance covers your business in cases both of injury to third parties and injuries to your own employees in the event of an accident.

All of the covers we defined above are needed for when the vehicle is moving.

As well, comprehensive cover defends you in incidents not arising from traffic or movement, like vandalism, flood, fire, and theft.

Cars, trucks, and vans are becoming favored targets in Kentucky for break-ins who are looking for quick snatches of worthwhile items.

It’s been reported in Kentucky that they go on to set the vehicle alight afterward, to cover their tracks, thereby multiplying the hurt to the owner enormously.

Proper commercial vehicle insurance will take care of you whenever this occurs.

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Why you need commercial auto insurance in Kentucky even if you own just one vehicle

We have heard about a few cases where the Supreme Court in Kentucky ruled that a family whose car was involved in a pileup while it was carrying equipment relating to the part-time business of the owner could be treated as a business vehicle, and this voided its private auto insurance coverage because the policy explicitly excluded business activity.

Even a few hours a week can change your family car into a commercial vehicle, and you need commercial insurance to protect you in case of a claim.

Getting commercial auto insurance quotes in Kentucky

The best place to start is to look for your coverage online – in the digital age, the better insurance companies in Kentucky already have a strong internet presence.

You can specify exactly what cover you want, the types and volume of vehicles, and will get a competitive quote in minutes.

Another choice is to use a good agent/broker organization in KY. They know much more about the current offerings of the insurance market, can find better deals than you can find on your own, and it doesn’t cost you anything to engage them to work on your behalf.

How much does commercial auto insurance cost in Kentucky?

The main factor that affects the cost of commercial vehicle insurance in Kentucky is the nature of vehicles in the fleet. Typical costs range upwards from $180 per month per vehicle for saloon cars, and usually more for trucks and vans.

Many insurance companies in Kentucky offer discounts for larger fleets, and can usually be counted on to reward devoted customers with some further discount upon annual renewal.

What are the commercial auto insurance requirements in Kentucky

All businesses that operate cars, vans, or trucks in Kentucky should as a minimum have Public Liability cover.

This is a common requirement for businesses in insurance in Kentucky

This covers you against the possibility of claims in a case where the insured van causes damage to someone else’s property or injury to another person other than the driver.

As well, you should take out protection in case the vehicle is pinched so that you can claim either for the cost of repairs or a replacement vehicle.

What are Kentucky auto insurance requirements?

Like most other states, Kentucky requires the same basic insurance for commercial vehicles as it does for privately owned cars.

On top of that, a business needs to take out a policy that guards against the special risks that businesses have to take.

Usually, business vehicles accumulate more hours than private cars, and the policy must take this into account.

If you are running a busy agency, the activity of your cars, trucks, and van makes them extra sensitive fonts of failure and your need for good insurance cover is even higher.

As well, commercial vehicles will be used by many different individuals, and this can present an extra risk of damage. It is important to check that there are no restrictions in the policy in these areas.

How to find the best insurance companies for commercial auto in Kentucky

Commercial auto insurance is a major industry in Kentucky and many companies specialize in this line of business exclusively.

As well, most of the general insurance companies in Kentucky have offices that work with auto coverage both for private and commercial customers.

These companies may be able to bundle the vehicle insurance into your company’s general insurance policy, in which case a saving should be offered.

Where can I get commercial auto insurance for moving companies in KY?

Moving companies are a special group of vehicle users in Kentucky, and you must make sure that the policy allows for the particular dangers of this type of business.

Recognize that not all furniture moving vehicles are the same, and they come equipped with different equipment and tools.

Part of their work is handling and transport expensive home furniture and decorations, so the level of changes with each job.

As well, the work takes skilled manpower doing the heavy lifting, meaning they must be healthy. Proper coverage in case of personal damage is important

Along with the van, you will need to have specialized equipment like ramps and dollies, all of which add to the potential for loss in case of fire.

Is there any cheap commercial auto insurance in Kentucky

In the insurance sector in Kentucky, you can expect that the large insurers have the warrant that lets you get on with your own business without having to worry about the small details.

As well, with a big insurance company backing you, you will get the very best in terms of legal services if the claim ever comes to judgment. This generally means that veteran commercial insurance companies all charge roughly the same premiums for the same type of cover.

It’s unlikely that you will be able to bargain them down unless the size of your business warrants a special deal.

It is possible to save money by having a comprehensive policy that combines every type of insurance that your company needs, like:

Alternatively, you may be able to take out a Business Owner’s Policy and include the auto cover. That way, you get improved volume discounts and have less paperwork to supervise.

The insurance company also prefers having to deal with less regulatory work in its back office, so overall would give you better terms and conditions for the largest possible policy.

If you are prepared to spend some extra work to find a cheaper policy, you should start by talking to others in the same industry as you, to see whether they can recommend a company based on their own history.

Many agents and brokers in Kentucky offer to find you the best and cheapest commercial vehicle insurance. There are also websites and yellow pages that will locate them for you.

Can I get a business auto insurance quote online in Kentucky

Several of the commercial auto insurance companies in Kentucky provide a fully online service where you can sign-up without ever having to visit their offices.

These websites usually give you the choice of which singular clauses you want to include in the policy and will provide an immediate quote based on your choices.

Another feature where you can tailor the policy to your specific demands is to select different options for deductibles.

Insurance companies in Kentucky allow you to set the levels of cover by specifying different levels of deductibles for the different parts of the policy.

For example, you could set a $0 deductible for health and medical claims but a $1000 deductible for comprehensive coverage against fire and theft.

In many cases, this is a good option as it can be saving you many thousands of dollars in total premiums over the full year