Minnesota DJ Insurance – MN – cost and types of policies

This is the ultimate presentation for existing or start-up DJs in Minnesota – (MN) that contains everything you will need to know about DJ insurance for your business.

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We will also explain all of the different steps you should take to turn your dream of making money from DJing into a reality.

So you’ve decided to become a DJ in Minnesota.

Maybe you came to this decision after you listened to someone talk about a great DJ they saw last night, or you danced to the DJ at the favorite club in Minnesota, and now you really want to give it a go.

But, the question is – do you really know how to turn a dream into a real business?

DJ Insurance in Minnesota

If you were starting up thirty years ago, all you would have required was a few turntables and a basic mixer.

But DJing in Minnesota has changed since then. You may still choose to use a turntable, but in a completely different way.

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On top of turntables, DJs in Minnesota now want CD players, multichannel controllers and digital software.

This means you need dedicated equipment like effects units, drum machines, and other hardware.

Your initial investment in the gear may be heavy, but have you also given any consideration to what will happen if the gear is vandalized?

For this possibility, you should seriously be thinking about taking out adequate insurance.

What kind of DJ are you?

The answer to this question will determine what kind of, and how much, insurance you need.

In the entertainment world in MN, many of the spots employ full-time disk jockeys.

If you get such a position, you will have a fixed workplace, like a nightclub or dance hall, where you are the feature.

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Often, having a popular DJ at a club is what is drawing in it’s customers, so you are very valuable to them.

In Minnesota, there is also a lot of need for mobile DJs who move their services to temporary premises for a single or short-term engagement.

It is essential to remember that whether you are a club DJ or mobile DJ, you are running your DJ services as a business, and need to carry all of the types of mobile DJinsurance we talk about below.

DJing is a perpetual learning curve and you must still be learning new tricks like crowd interaction, leading you on to better things.

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Once you have good DJ skills, try mixing your own genre of music. Once people in Minnesota get to know you for your music you will show off your work and you’ll end up getting gigs.

Master crowd interaction so that you are seen as a stage performer who gets the audience to enjoy watching you put on a show.

It is all about personality. People in Minnesota go out to see their favorite DJ’s because of what they are doing, not because of their mixing skills.

What does a mobile DJ do?

A mobile DJ in Minnesota is often called a house party DJ, because mostly the venues are private parties.

Whatever, you need to select the right gear, because mobility and easy storage are key factors.

Instead of individual components like turntables, mixers, records, CDs and all the other paraphernalia that a club DJ has stored safely in his room, a mobile DJ has to move it onsite, and back to base, for every gig.

Most mobile DJs in Minnesota select a slightly more expensive option which is an all-in-one DJ system that operates off a portable computer.

Such a system is a modern component that makes sense for house party DJ’s because it means you’ll have less equipment to carry.

You may pay a little more but you could save big in the end. There’s less stuff to get damaged, so your insurance can cover you when someone spills their drink on your workbench!

What does a mobile DJ need?

The old fashioned route in Minnesota said you needed only a couple of turntables with a mixer, plus speakers. Currently, you maybe want to keep the traditional feel but get yourself some up-to-date CD players or CD decks.

If you want to mix tracks directly from your laptop or computer using this traditional set-up, try blending tracks directly from your laptop or your iPhone using an all-in-one DJ controller.

Or else you prefer to go purely digital, because records are the most expensive source and you won’t need to be lugging around heavy bags to your gigs.

If you are competent, you can try mixing digitally on your laptop using commercial software. You could become a top-notch DJ at once after you download the correct program to your laptop!

There are even softwares available for free that could get you mixing today!

As long as you already have a laptop, this is the cheapest way to become a DJ in MN especially for mobile DJs that need to travel a lot and can’t take hardware with them.

How do you get DJ gigs?

Most of the popular DJs in Minnesota get going by making some mixtapes and give them to friends and club owners.

The mixes are also heard by others on Facebook and elsewhere online. Ask for feedback, because it’s important and will let you decide if you’re ready for professional work.

Managers in Minnesota will usually ask you to demonstrate before they risk letting you play live. Be ready for this by practicing your stuff at its best.

Use Twitter to upload mixes, do live DJ shows, post pictures of your gigs, and promote yourself all around Minnesota. 

Have you tries trying out as Minnesota radio DJ, or digital radio is another route.

You will retain the option to mix and present from home even in the form of a podcast that people can download and listen to whenever suits them.

It’s a great way of getting your name in front of the public, and so building a following. You could promote this over a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, or a website.

What kind of insurance does a DJ need in Minnesota?

All businesses in Minnesota carries risks of unforeseen things, and so needs several basic kinds of insurance, to protect you in case something unexpected happens while you are working.

The most vital kinds of basic DJ business insurance in Minnesota are:

General liability insurance / Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance for DJs is necessary in case some accident causes injury to a person, or damage to their property, while they are in the place where you are working, you could(may be sued for damages and minnesota court can judge that you are liable.

For DJs, some of the most common examples are trips and falls because you have many cords as well as containers in the venue where the event is happening, and people are dancing all around the floor.

If some person before, during or after an event of which you are the DJ has such a fall, they may claim that your wires or speakers were placed improperly, and sue for the damage or injury.

You could be held responsible for the consequences and you could have to cough-up large amounts.

One problem for mobile DJs in Minnesota is the chance of fires caused by hot lighting positioned around the venue. It may fall or start a fire if something inflammable comes into contact.

The same goes since there is the chance of improper electrical wiring starting a fire.

DJ General liability insurance in Minnesota can cover your for all these possible claims. Normally, new DJs take around $1 million insurance in mobile DJ public liability insurance for a single claim, and $2 million for the full year.

Professional Liability insurance / Error & Omission insurance for DJs in minnesota

Consider where you are engaged as the DJ for a dance night for a big employer, and a mishap stops you from showing up, or your mixer malfunctions and the whole event has to be cancelled.

In such a case the customer could demand the expected revenue from the event, plus damages for loss of reputation and other such losses.

In case a court decides against you, you will have to find the money from your own bank.

Equipment insurance

Minnesota disk jockey’s most vital asset is the apparatus is the highly specialized gear for music selection, speakers, lights, cameras and a whole basket of other paraphernalia that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, DJ equipment insurance in Minnesota is essential.

It represents a big liability if you are renting or hiring the equipment, and so you must insure it against the possible risks, such as theft, malicious damage, fire, water damage etc.

Your Minnesota DJ business could halt without the right equipment, so you are not only losing the value of the assets, but also future profit\cash flow.

Commercial Vehicle insurance

Most mobile DJs in Minnesota must take their work gear to where it is needed, like function halls, sports clubs and other venues.

Although it fits into your private car, it’s important to know that in Minnesota your private vehicle insurance will not cover the DJ equipment in the event of an accident, fire, theft or any other loss.

Minimum you need to add commercial cover to private vehicle insurance, but you are much more covered when you take out a commercial vehicle insurance policy in Minnesota so that you are fully covered in case of a claim.

Can DJs get temporary insurance if they are not working full-time?

Several insurance companies in Minnesota have begun to sell special kinds of DJ event insurance cover where a DJ can nominate a specific period when he or she wants to cover, if they are not working full-time.

You will reduce DJ insurance in MN cost by having lower premiums while still having the same risk cover.

You buy the cover for a specific period, like a day, or for a week starting on the stated date.

If you are a casual start-up DJ who works in minnesota on anniversaries in homes, then you will have a schedule of bookings, so you should take out the cover for those dates only with temporary DJ insurance or DJ insurance for one day or DJ liability insurance monthly basis.

You need to take out all of the same kinds of public liability insurance to protect yourself from the possible claims.

The great effect for you is that you are not wasting money paying annual premiums covering times when you are not looking for full-time DJ equipment insurance cover.

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